Master Meal List

Our current MML

Our current MML

What’s for dinner?  Sometimes I do not have the brain capacity, time or patience to answer this question once, much less 7 days a week.  But it’s a lot easier these days since we have a pretty lengthy Master Meal List.

What is this magical list?  It’s an expanding list (in my iPhone Notes app) that lists SIMPLE meals that we’ve made and love.

These meals are SIMPLEthey require few ingredients, little time, and are yummy and healthy.  When I make a meal like that- whether it’s an easy new recipe or just a random meal idea I threw together (haddock sandwiches with sweet potato fries), we say, should it go on the list?

We pull from the list for Meal Planning/ grocery shopping – I probably cook 3 meals a week from here, for a last minute meal or if we want to make a tried and true meal for some friends.


About livewellround

I am a yogi, vegetarian, runner, reader, snowboarder, martini-lover inspired by nutrition, health, yoga, politics, organizing, simple living, cooking and all things "healthy and well". I believe in a well rounded lifestyle and the importance of friends, family, fun, social service, travel and the pursuit of knowledge!
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