Because wrinkles AND acne…

You know when you were 16 and getting pimples… and then 23, 27, 29 and you were still getting pimples … and then you know how when you were in your 30s and you started getting wrinkles… and pimples??? It’s just not right. I feel like at this age I should be able to just stick my face in a vat of super moisturizing cream or coconut oil and NOT have to also worry about breakouts.

This week I had a particularly white-heady and cyst-y breakout – the usual hormonal / dry weather/ touching my face too much trifecta.  I went in Sephora to grab a few more of my favorite Boscia Sake Hydrogel Masks and looked around for something clarifying and soothing for my aging and erupted skin.  After checking out some reviews and talking to a salesperson I opted for the Karuna Clarifying Face Mask.


I put this thing on as soon as I got home.  Sheet masks are kind of weird if you haven’t used them before, but I really love them.  I love the way the sheet feels on my face, it just feels like it’s doing something.  I kept it on for 25 minutes or so- realllly hoping it would do what it promised.

Breakouts are super annoying for me now because my (did I mention aging?) skin is dry in the winter and when I break out I feel like I have to skip my normal “lather on the moisturizer” routine and it’s just not a good cycle.  I feel like once you’re out of your teens you can not just go at your face with zit cream and abrasive cleansers.  My pimples all looked red and irritated, and my skin felt simultaneously oily and dry.

This mask totally sold me on the first try. When I took off the mask, the serum was completely absorbed into my skin.   My face was no longer dry or oily and my pimples were no longer red or irritated.  My pimples are still there of course, but they are hard to see because they’re not surrounded by any redness and my skin tone looks more even (ie. no flaking dry skin surrounding my irritated areas).  I am going to keep one of these masks in my bathroom for my next (inevitable) breakout.  Feels good to have a plan.


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I am a yogi, vegetarian, runner, reader, snowboarder, martini-lover inspired by nutrition, health, yoga, politics, organizing, simple living, cooking and all things "healthy and well". I believe in a well rounded lifestyle and the importance of friends, family, fun, social service, travel and the pursuit of knowledge!
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