Organizing 101: Drawers

Pick a drawer, any drawer.  It’s likely even your underwear drawer could do with a little thinning out.  Why are you hanging on to that itchy thong?  Why are you keeping the ones with the ripped lace?  Ok, but yes- keep that sexy little pair, there is still hope for that.

Organizing a drawer is a great beginner organization and de-cluttering operation- or D/O op as I like to call it (and by like to, I mean I just thought of it this second).  This is a smaller task that can be done in 30 minutes or less… and it is really satisfying.

  • Have a strategy.  Yes, you really need a strategy:
    1. What do I want this drawer used for? Multi-purpose? Sock? tees? electronics?
    2. What makes sense here? What is convenient?  What makes my life easier?*
  • Take everything out of drawer
  • Spread out the contents of the drawer put everything in piles:
    1. Giveaway**
    2. Garbage/ Recycle
    3. Has another home
    4. Needs a home
    5. Belongs in this drawer, has a purpose in this drawer
  • Put everything that belongs in drawer back in drawer
  • Spread out your “needs a home” items and make sure you definitely want to keep them.  Do you need 14 pens?
  • Put away your “needs a home” items (ie. extra batteries, cords, paper clips, stamps, broken earrings, coupons, unused credit cards) in a space that makes sense or put them in a bin for later organization.
    1. Tip: It’s helpful to have a battery bin, an office bin, a manila folder for coupons, and a small zipper wallet for credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, and other items like these that you don’t regularly use.

*My kitchen “junk” drawer, or as I like to call it, multi-purpose drawer, has a purpose.  In it I have chapstick, a couple pens, packing tape (I mail a lot of things), my keys, a stapler, matches and a checkbook.  Sometimes gum, sometimes matches, sometimes paper.  This drawer is like my kitchen purse.  And it makes me happy.

** I always have a giveaway bag going.  Actually 2 or 3.  One for Boomerang (housewares, our clothes, books) and one for Cradles to Crayons (for my kids’ used items).  I do not like throwing things away, so giving things away to worthy causes is satisfying and helps me let go of things.  Both of these drop offs are convenient to me also.  Sometimes I have a “sell” bag for lightly used designer jeans or a nice coat.  The key is to have a regular sized donate bags and once it they are full, put it in your car!



About livewellround

I am a yogi, vegetarian, runner, reader, snowboarder, martini-lover inspired by nutrition, health, yoga, politics, organizing, simple living, cooking and all things "healthy and well". I believe in a well rounded lifestyle and the importance of friends, family, fun, social service, travel and the pursuit of knowledge!
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